Fizbii drivers are background checked, fingerprinted, and must have a spotless driving record to join our team.


Experience safe, reliable transportation designed to fit your community.


Hassle-free rides when and how you want them!


You can trust us to get you to your destination safely.


We're out-of-the-box. We're Fizbii.

How to book Fizbii
Fizbii is transforming the way ride-share companies cater to both drivers and riders. Gone are the days of uncertain ride fares. With Fizbii, riders and drivers can enjoy a personalized ride sharing experience that benefits both sides.
A Simple and Convenient Way to Get a Ride

Fizbii is based on innovative technology that makes booking a ride easier than ever. With other ridesharing platforms you’re forced to open the app, add your destination, ‘pin’ your location, and wait for someone to accept your request.

Fizbii - it's Super-Fast and Easy

With Fizbii all you have to do is request the nearest driver, check out the availability of your ‘favorites’, or auto-book them for pick up requests. It’s simple and pain-free. The power is in your hands to choose which service fits your needs. Subscribe for Cool Features!

Choose the Driver you want! Fizbii is wholly unique in the way it approaches
the driver-rider relationship.

  1. Riders can now select and search for drivers who match their needs.
  2. Explore categories like overall ratings, timeliness, cleanliness and courtesy to find a driver you’ll love.
  3. Once you meet up, you can request the same driver as often as you like with one simple click!
  4. Drivers benefit by growing a consistent base of loyal customers.

Better Opportunities for Drivers

Not only is Fizbii excellent for riders, but it also offers drivers a whole new way to play a part in the rideshare world.

They can now build a business, instead of hoping for one-off rides. Building a loyal customer base increases revenue and encourages individuals to choose the same driver over and over. The result is sustainable business drivers can rely on.

A Better Way to Ride Share

Instead of worrying about surge pricing and untrustworthy drivers, you can confidently ride with Fizbii thanks to its comprehensive and customized platform. Never worry about getting the right driver again. Get the ride you want, on your schedule, and forget about complicated ride-sharing platforms.

Safe for Children and Individuals

Families with children can use Fizbii with confidence thanks to our extensive background and safety checks.

All drivers undergo a comprehensive background check, are fingerprinted, and have a spotless driving record. You can feel safe putting your children, or yourself, in our driver’s hands.

Entrust Your Ride to Us!


You can’t have a ride-sharing business without drivers, and at Fizbii, we both recognize and reward our drivers for their service. Specifically, Fizbii offers incentives for drivers based on miles driven or months of loyalty – rewards that you won’t find at any of our competitors. This program is just one of the many features that illustrate how much Fizbii values its drivers, and how here, unlike at some of our competitors, you’re more than just a “freelancer”—you’re part of our community.

The value we place on trust and long-term relationships with our drivers and passengers inspired us to offer a subscription plan to drivers. This plan incentivizes them to earn loyalty from their passengers. It works by offering various subscription levels for drivers at different price points. Each passenger they accept after surpassing the amount required for their level, they earn 100% * of the funds. Part-time drivers are offered a ride-by-ride fare system.

Beyond that, Fizbii encourages both drivers and passengers alike to develop long-term, consistent relationships. We support that mission with tools like our app, services, and extensive training. Our goal is to have as many passengers returning for regularly scheduled rides as possible—and for you to be their driver. As a driver, you get control over your hours and service. That’s priceless.

Learn more about the driving opportunities Fizbii has available by contacting our team today.

*Excludes convenience fees required by state law.

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Great passengers make Fizbii possible; without the support of the community we serve, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love! For that reason, Fizbii has committed itself to providing the best possible passenger experience.

Our services are based on four important tenants: safety, comfort, friendliness, and word-of-mouth referrals. That’s why our entire system caters to our passengers and—everything we do is designed to make your ride with us easy, fun, and 100% safe. Your safety and on-time arrival are our top priorities.

Subscription Service; Standard Pay-As-You-Go:

We also know that affordability is important, which is why we’ve developed an innovative plan to ease costs. Under Fizbii’s subscription plan, passengers pay a fixed amount of money per month for a fixed number of miles or rides, allowing you to know exactly how much you’re paying each month, and avid the stress and financial ruin associated with “surge pricing”. Instead, you can safely and accurately calculate your transportation budget each month (and save a lot of money in the process).
More specifically, the subscription service is an innovate approach that is better for passengers than traditional ride-share fare systems. Fizbii offers tremendous simplicity and efficiency. Calculate how many miles you travel each month, compare the cost of Fizbii to the cost of competitor ride-share apps or the costs of owning and operating your own care to see the savings in action.

For passengers who only need an occasional ride, however, we also offer the standard ride-by-ride, pay-as-you-go pricing, as well as car-pooling for passengers who’d like to help the environment while saving both time and money.

Elderly and Disabled Passengers:

Fizbii is also one of the only ride-sharing apps to cater to elderly and disabled passengers.

Our rides are readily available to any passengers who need them, and our drivers are trained to help them safely into and out of the vehicle.

Children and Families:

Fizbii is also uniquely designed to support families with children. With our fully-vetted drivers who’ve undergone strenuous background checks and finger printing, you can trust our drivers to get your children to their destination quickly and safely. Only the most qualified drivers are a part of our team. Additionally, parents can view driver ratings and comments along with a complete profile to see exactly who’s behind the wheel.

For passengers, our goal at Fizbii is to build trustworthy, long-lasting relationship with our services. Use our serve today. You won’t be disappointed.

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At Fizbii, we are passionate about the community we serve. We understand the needs of families, business owners, and anyone else who needs better transportation options in their lives. However, we’re equally as passionate about creating a space where you don’t have to choose between eco-friendly transportation and on-time arrivals. That’s why we created Fizbii.

Fizbii is led by a devoted team of professionals who are genuinely committed to making both the community, specifically, and the world, generally, a better, happier place. Our team has first-hand experience with the problems both passengers and drivers face with traditional ride-sharing platforms. Our goal is to use our knowledge and experience to provide a level playing field for drivers and passengers to co-exist while enjoying the benefits of our innovative app technology.

Similar to the corporate social responsibility initiatives in Europe, particularly Sweden, Fizbii embraces its role in the community as more than just a business—it’s a chance to lead by example. Ride-sharing apps are saving thousands of gallons of fuel per year, leading to cleaner air and reduced carbon emissions. With Fizbii maximizes carpooling to its greatest extent. With a deep desire to reduce the carbon footprint of all vehicles, we put the community first.

In addition to our environmental initiatives, we understand how important each community is to our growth, so we’ve made it a point to give back to those communities. We also know that actions speak louder than words, and that’s why 3% of every ride is given back to the community to help in various ways—from donations to improving our city’s infrastructure and roads to reducing energy consumption.

Beyond just giving back to communities financially, Fizbii has made it a point for its employees to give back too, because research overwhelmingly shows that when a company gives back, it’s a win-win for everyone. When businesses help others within their communities, the communities also reciprocate and offer support, leading to a mutually beneficial relationship. In fact, one study shows that every employee who participates in corporate community engagement adds thousands of dollars of value to the company—value that is immediately passed on to the community.

Studies also reveal that when communities are happy, healthy, and productive, it leads to a continuous cycle that benefits businesses in the area, particularly the businesses that contribute. Not only does our contribution help us build a stronger relationship with our passengers, it also shows that we genuinely care about furthering our company’s mission statement.

As you can see, we make a point to give back to those communities in a way that truly benefits them, and we enjoy catering to and working with local organizations. That’s our promise when you use us in your city—our city.

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Created Unique Business Plan

With our community-driven ride-sharing idea in mind, we set out on formally articulating the business plan and business model that would serve as the foundation of the company.
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Bought and Registered the Fizbii Trademark

With our business plan in hand, the next step was to register our trademark to prepare it for business and buy a domain to let the public know all about the great things we have planned.
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Started App Development

The efficiency of our app was of the utmost importance. Our goal from the beginning was to create something that was functional, practical, easy-to-use, and, most importantly, fun!
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Created Social Media Accounts

To connect with the public and share exciting updates, we created our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). There, we offer valuable information and weekly offers!
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